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Our last film: Guatemala Mushroom Expedition

Our Podcast & Film series:

The conception of Wake in Wave began in March 2020, from my living room in Israel. I wanted to create a podcast about awakening, give voice to guests on their path to healing through the power of self-exploration, nature, and storytelling.
My dream of expanding the Podcast while traveling began to take shape when I left my house and possessions behind to explore Central and South America. While on a brief stop in California, I reconnected with my friend Glen, an artist and filmmaker. On a journey of his own, our visions and timelines merged, presenting Glen’s outlook on life and cinematographic skills as a manifested gift.
An entirely new nomadic lifestyle is now propelling us into discoveries of ancient traditions and modern cultures. For the past few months, Glen and I have traveled through a dozen states, covered more than 8,000 miles, documenting our adventures and encounters, collecting countless stories and interviews, and learning from the open road.
The Wake in Wave podcast has matured to include a series of films depicting each episode as well as behind-the-scenes footage of our travels and adventures.
We take our time with those we encounter, discovering how important each story is to a greater whole. Our conversations lean towards the undisclosed, the private and the personal at a time when our very humanity is challenged by a global pandemic.
So why do we need your help?
Traveling from location to location, recording, editing, writing, and publishing are only the beginning of each creation. In order to progress, we need to cover the basic costs of living, travel, and production.
At times, we will also need assistance in reaching remote communities and harsher environments. This will require the hiring of translators, guides, and additional travel costs.
With your support, we can reach more places and people, and bring more quality content to a larger audience. Your contributions matter. They will allow us to explore and expand.
May you experience a meaningful awakening… 
Thank you.
~ Genevieve
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Our story...

Glen and I met in Israel in 2016 around one of his beautiful art projects involving the children of the community I then worked with.

Five years later, we reconnected. I shared with Glen my decision to hike through Central and South America, from Mexico to Peru. A few months and a few existential conversations later, we met to embark on an incredible journey through the Americas. 

June 18, 2021 marked the beginning of our voyage. Glen and his four-legged companion, Zill, met me in San Jose, California and we began driving towards the Navajo reservation in Chinle, Arizona. In the following 2 months, we covered more than 8,000 miles documenting our adventures. We made many new friends on the road and recorded countless stories. 

Mid-August, we settled down best we could to organize ourselves and some of the hundreds of hours of recording and footage we collected. We are now launching the Wake in Wave podcast and its film series. There is a lot of work so bear with us as we are still in the production stage but be sure that we have incredible stories to share, and it’s coming up soon 🙂

Boondocking outside Zion National Park
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