My name is Genevieve.

I used to look at my life as an epic chaos. Born on an island, I lived on 3 continents and, more often than not, was in identity crisis. The traumatic childhood I lived through defined me for most of my life, and so did a superwoman personality I needed to stay alive. Everywhere I went, I looked for a sense of care and love I could not find in myself until I struggled my way through the early stages of an Awakening. This is when my reality crumbled apart, my inner world shook dangerously. I could no longer help anyone. I needed to put my oxygen mask back on, urgently, and to face my shadows so they’d cease to grow. And so I did. My oxygen mask consisted in stopping everything I was doing, to look at the pain of the past and realize that I was still alive; to look at the projects I got involved in to help others, and realize I had not yet helped myself in these places…

Awakenings come in as many colors as those experiencing them. I wanted to hear these stories, and so the Wake in Wave podcast was born.

Hi, I’m Glen!

I could go on and on about my experience and titles in the private and public sectors, but when you pay more attention to Legend than Legacy, the world will never change.  My passion is art, in any form, and I use my skills to travel the world and do my part in creating change.  For the foreseeable future, I will be overseeing the video production of Wake in Wave, traveling with Genevieve through Central and South America.

See you all on the road!


Zill is a magic dog…

Born on a farm in the state of Washington, the early years of his life are largely unknown. On September 11 of 2016, he chose his new life with his soul mate Glen, and since, has traveled through dozens of states and countries as a service dog. 

He camps, hikes and flies like second nature, but his swimming and driving skills need improvement.  He has the ability to lighten any mood with his squishy face and adorable personality.  We are truly grateful to have Zill as a full member of the Wake in Wave team…