From Tiktok to a small business...


On July 25, 2021, while in Oregon, we met with Megan who has become a successful entrepreneur after posting her first T-shirt creation on Tiktok!

Megan told us how, while bored during the Covid lockdown, she watched Tiktok videos and found inspiration to create her own printed T-shirts.
In just a few months, between high school and nursing school, she turned a side-hobby into a small business she now operates from home.

When Megan posted her first creation on Tiktok, she was given unexpected attention and was encouraged to sell her first T-shirts. Offering her creations for sale, orders poured in beyond what she had produced so she dived in to create more designs.

We followed her while she explained her work and told us how it all started, the first blow-up on Tiktok with thousands of views leading to hundreds of orders and… No inventory.


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