Happening & Pain

Midreshet Ben Gurion, Israel. 

My first stop after I left my house for an 18 month long journey… At least. It’s happening…

After months of pain, of suffering and of planning, planning in my head essentially as I did not get things moved in my physical reality until just a few weeks ago, now it’s on. It’s happening.

On Monday January 25 I packed my car with what had not yet been sold or given away and I left my little house in moshav Beit Hanania, a village in the North of Israel to drive to the Negev where my friends Ruth and Amos were waiting for me.

I arrived at their desert home in the evening filled with powerful emotions I was attempting not to let out in one cathartic chunk… Anger and bitterness were creeping in my chest like viscous matter. It was painful emotionally and it was painful physically. 

When truth predominates we can progress…