On June 18, we celebrated a year on the road with Glen and Zill.

It is hard to believe.

It has been a year of transformation, adjusting to change every day, week or month, walking the path together while getting to know each other AND getting to know ourselves.

And things are more raw on the road, unless I got more raw on the way.

It has not all been easy, there were the dark times as the road does not erase the inner difficulties, depression or awakening, there were arguments and crisis, there were adjustments to make, there were the Wow moments and the heart melting ones, there were the laughters and the cries, there were the moments of missing hard, when in my flesh I felt the longing for my daughter’s embrace, there were the smiles when she spoke mindfulness or poetry to me from the other side of the world, there were the first time in the jungle and Zill’s booboos or loosing Glen in a boiling canyon…

I wouldn’t trade my journey nor my journey partners. I see life raw.

To a second year on the road! To life! L’Haim!