Volcano Reflection

Volcano Reflection Volcan de Fuego, viewed from Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala Almost 4 months since Glen and I entered Guatemala.  And a few weeks we’ve been stuck here. We make it look nice. We’re on a journey and this comes with surprises and obstacles we say.    After all, we manage. When we find a decent […]

L’Shana Tova

L’Shana Tova!  This was one of a kind birthday, made so special by Glen, my outstanding journey companion, and the incredible, and I mean amazing, full of love, team of the House of Healing – locally known as La Casa de Curación… A week before, I was missing all these people I had said goodbye to in […]

The Ancient City of Cantona

The Ancient City of Cantona  One of the most memorable sites we visited in Mexico was the Mesoamerican city of Cantona… The views were incredible from anywhere. Even after 3 hours of hiking through the ruins, we were told only 2% of the city had been uncovered from the ground. Whether this is an exaggeration or […]

Why our journey makes us less arrogant, more tolerant…

Why our journey makes us less arrogant, more tolerant…   We spent 2 months in the jungle of Xilitla. It was one of the most meaningful times of the journey, one of the most healing maybe as well. We documented much of our time in Villa Olaya, and while we are working on the release […]

One year on the road

On June 18, we celebrated a year on the road with Glen and Zill. It is hard to believe. It has been a year of transformation, adjusting to change every day, week or month, walking the path together while getting to know each other AND getting to know ourselves. And things are more raw on […]

Temazcal Family

Our last Temazcal ceremony took me by surprise.

Sitting in the steamy dome, along with 5 other participants, a tremendous fatigue fell over me. I entered a state of trance.